Stravaner Drive Power Station (SDP), Virginia Lake (VL), Spaniard's Bay (SB), Long Pond (LP), Harbour Grace (HG), Tinkers Path Mobile (TP), Cape Spear Road (CPR) and Signal Hill (SH).

Osprey (SDP) Sept 19 and 28; Belted Kingfisher, Gadwall, and Domestic Duck (VL) 22 Sep - Oct 2; Snowy Egret and Black-headed Gull (SB) Oct 1; Hooded Mergansers, Black-capped Chickadee, Red-breasted Nuthatch, Golden-crowned Kinglet (LP) Oct 1 and 31; Herring gulls, Double -crested Cormorant and White Pigeons (HG) Oct 5; Hermit Thrush ((TP) Oct 6; Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (CPR) Oct 6; Pink-footed Goose (SH) Oct 31 2019. Photos by Rick West