Quidi Vidi Lake (QV) Feb 7, 15 and 18; Cape Spear (CS) Feb 7 and 18; Harbour Grace (HG) Feb 17; Torbay Beach (TB) and the Flatrock Beamer (FB) Feb 19

Common Mergansers, Great Cormorant, Pied Grebe, Black-headed Chickadee, American Gold Finch, Crow, Male and Female Greater Scaups, Female Tufted Duck, Female Ring-necked Duck, Double-Crested Cormorants (QV); Humpbacked Whale, Long-tailed Ducks, Snow Bunting (CS); Common Goldeneyes (HB); Black Guillimot (TB), Common Eider Ducks with one Long-tailed Duck (FB). Photos by Rick West